This event was the last, twelfth event supported by Youth Engaging Youth project, and was organized by Wheelchair Dance Sport Association Canada.

The main idea behind this event was to break barriers and boost integration by showing that wheelchairs and disability are not a limitation. Organizers wanted to change the image surrounding women with disability and show that everyone is beautiful. Miss Wheelchair Canada is a celebration of all women around the world.

The audience (around 50 attendees) participated in voting for their favorite contestant that shines the most beautifully inside and out. And we would like to congratulate all beautiful ladies who took part in this pageant, Nicole Pfeifer – the second Vice Miss Wheelchair Canada, Tabassum Chagani – the first Vice Miss Wheelchair Canada, and especially Brandi Burant from Vancouver who got two titles – Miss Wheelchair Audience and Miss Wheelchair Teenager; and Vahen King from Edmonton as the very first Miss Wheelchair Canada.

There was also a media coverage of the event (by AMI TV – Accessible Media and CBC news).

Dresses for contestants were donated by Ukrainian designer Julia Gurskaja.

Special thank you to Olesia Kornienko, who put a lot of efforts to make it happen and proved that being active and to love what you do always lead to success and is an ability for all.  - http://150.ucc.ca/miss-wheelchair-canada/


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